Chair’s welcome

Augustus welcome you all.

As Chair, First, a big salute to my successor in supporting the vision of this organisation and for successful events delivered in the last 4 years to celebrate Hull Black History Month. The expectation for a more robust strategy to engage with our community is of high priority in achieving a cohesive environment and to commemorate the achievement of black community in Hull and United Kingdom at large.

This organisation is volunteer-led and encourages contribution from small to large groups or individuals from all works of life to bring alive their culture and showcase their heritage to support the community ambition of promoting social cohesion and integration.  We have long standing history of working with diverse groups and organisations in planning a resounding events for the benefit of the community and received funding in the past to commission groups to perform.

Hull is proud to be named City of Culture 2017 and we long to celebrate this event as part of the community. Having the sponsorship of the Hull City arts and support of individuals and agencies are of course major contributing factors to BHM’s success and getting people to know about it. Other sponsors have also contributed with space, equipment and other resources and hopefully all are mentioned throughout the brochure. Yet without dedicated individuals doing work , researching, organizing and hosting events, and without people like yourselves attending these events, there would be BHM.

It’s of course important to mention that the partnership are led by group of people who are directors, managers, and professors of their own charity or organisation.  This partnership bring black community groups together as partnership to promote and showcase events or program in the month of October.

My mission and that of our trustee will be to drive this vision forward and promote involvement of member organisations as partnership. We are learning as an organisation and we look forward to work with various partners.

Yesterday is gone, today as come, what role do you have to play as individuals, groups, VSO’s, and statutory body?


Augustus Onabanjo, Chairman, Hull  Black History Partnership, 2016


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  1. Marie says:

    I work for the Black Environment Network and we have lottery funding to work with Rainbow Community Garden, Hull. Our aim is to engage with BME communities by encouraging them in to the community garden and learn and share skills from each other through growing local food.
    We are having our first Taster day on 4 April. Yes just next week. We would very much like to invite you along and any groups you believe would be interested in our event. It starts at 11 am and there are fun workshops until 4.30 pm. A free lunch is also provided. Look forward to meeting you.

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