Below you will find contact details for organisations and resources in Hull.

Best Hope

Best Hope actively promotes social cohesion, community integration and access to services for disadvantaged people. We offer a range of services covering a number of areas including:

Employment Advice & Guidance
Mentor & Skill Development
Health & Social Care
Public Health
Community Development


Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA)

Building capacity, providing representation, advocacy, information, advice & guidance to Black and minority ethnic groups in Hull.


Hull Afro Caribbean Association

Aims and Objectives of Hull Afro Caribbean Resource Centre

  • To advance the education and training of African, Caribbean, Asian, and other disadvantaged people.
  • To raise awareness of the opportunities for engaging in higher education, training, social development, voluntary services, employment, health education, and family life.
  • To assist in influencing policy decision and policy- making in statutory and non-statutory agencies and organisations.
  • To assist in increasing the services offered by statutory and non-statutory agencies/organisations to young people, elderly, and people with disabilities.
  • To provide practical support, advice and information to members of the target group who are faced with problems.
  • To offer disadvantaged people the chance to help other people to become involved in community activities, through active participation, consultation, discussions and by having disabled people participating in training courses


Bora Shabaa

Bora Shabaa (“Better is the Aim”). Charity Number 113550. Bora Shabaa is a place where people can come together, learn skills, gain knowledge and socialise. It aims to empower refugees through training and education, and is an organisation run by refugees from D. R. Congo who came to Hull through the Refugee Gateway Programme.


The Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery & Emancipation (WISE)

WISE is an interdisciplinary institute dedicated to the pursuit of world-class research in the areas of slavery, emancipation, human rights, and social justice, historically and in the contemporary world. It seeks to provide a forum for academic discourse and interaction, to advance academic knowledge and public understanding of historical and contemporary debates, to inform policy change and the campaigns of activists, and to work with others to generate knowledge transfer.

WISE holds regular talks, lectures and events. See the website for further details.


Hull History Centre

The History Centre brings together the material held by the City Archives and Local studies Library with those held by the University of Hull. These include the City’s borough  archives, dating back to 1299 and amongst the best in the country; records relating to the port and docks of Hull; papers of companies and organisations reflecting Hull’s maritime history; papers of noteable individuals including Andrew Marvell, Philip Larkin, Amy Johnson and William Wilberforce; records relating to local and national politics and pressure groups; and over 100,000 photographs, illustrations; maps and plans, newspapers, special collections and reference sources relating to Hull and the East Riding.

Bringing this wealth of material together will contribute to the improvements being made in the city to raise educational aspirations and achievement. Staff at the Centre will create resources for primary and secondary schools in areas such as History, English, Literacy and Citizenship. We also run regular events and activities.


Hull libraries

Hull libraries give you access to books, music and video DVDs and CDs, newspapers and magazines, plus a wide range of other material. It’s free to join the library and all libraries also offer free internet access.

Multicultural library service

We offer information about library services (including joining procedures and resources available on the library catalogue) in different languages.

Books written in community languages are available at the Hull Central Library and other local libraries.


University of Hull Africa Pages

Here, you’ll find information specific to students from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other associated countries. We currently have approximately 250 students from this area on campus.

The ties between the University and Africa are well established, with African students among our earliest graduates nearly 50 years ago. We’ve forged relationships with academic and private partners, working with universities, colleges, governments and national institutions.

The University of Hull is intent on working in partnership with Africa to help provide a secure future for its diverse people and culture. We are knowledge-rich, in terms of research and development, and we gain from sharing that knowledge with others.


Equalities and Cohesion Team, Hull City Council

We believe that people have an equal right to live in a safe and strong city, no matter where you come from. This includes people from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds. People should not be treated in a different way because of the colour of their skin or their ethnic background.

We believe that everyone has an equal right to use our services and should have the same access. Our plan to improve equal access to services for black and minority ethnic people is called the race equality scheme.

Our race equality scheme and a summary of the scheme are available to download from the website